Preparing the emergency generator


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Preparing the emergency generator

I got a new generator a couple of years ago. Added oil, ran for a few minutes until the fuel ran dry, everything was fine. Kind of forgot about it. I would like to get it ready for the winter, however, not sure the existing oil is any good. Should I change the oil, even though it was new? Any other tips and suggestions? I realize I screwed up by not running it once in a while.
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It's a good idea to run it every month or so. Change the oil once a year if there are no major hours on it. I would run it for five minutes or so..... let it cool.... and then change the oil.
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I would definitely see if it will start. If you ran it dry but didn't drain the carburetor, then there was still gas left in it and the carb may be clogged up with varnish. If the oil was new 2 years ago, it should be new now.
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One option to consider if you don't use your generator often is to convert it to run on propane or natural gas. It solves the problem of old gas gumming up the carburetor and how to store emergency fuel for long periods.
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If would be nice having it run from propane, but not sure if conversion made sense financially.

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