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MTD deck issue

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09-26-15, 04:45 PM   #1  
MTD deck issue

Hi, ive got an old MTD. I think something is up with the deck because when i start it up aftet a minute or so the blades start rotating and the belt starts smoking. It looks like the belt is being lifted up in the deck and it is causing it to rub the crankshaft pulley. Belt is OEM. Any suggestions? By the way there is NO idler pulley or clutch.

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09-26-15, 05:43 PM   #2  
What releases the tension on the belt to stop the blades?

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09-26-15, 06:04 PM   #3  
I just looked at your pictures on the other thread. It looks like the deck moves towards the engine pulley when the deck is lifted. When that happens there is slack in the belt and the two bolts up by the engine pulley keep the belt from bulging out and dragging in the engine pulley.

The trick when all that goes on is this. When the engine is driving the blades the engine pulley isn't in direct alignment with the spindle pulleys which have slid down/backwards with the deck. That slight cocking of the belt doesn't cause any problems at that point and is likely a part of the design, marginal as it may be.

When the deck is raised, though the pulleys have to be in direct horizontal alignment with the engine pulley or the belt drags and causes the problem you're seeing. You may have worn or bent parts. Or some may be missing.

Before you take it apart raise the deck and either lay a straight edge or a taunt string across the top of the spindle pulleys and the engine pulley. See if those three are all on the same horizontal plane. If there is a difference in the width of pulleys, adjust for that. If those aren't in near perfect alignment that is what you have to fix.

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09-26-15, 07:55 PM   #4  
Unfortunately this system can be a bit complicated and difficult to pinpoint an issue as you are having without laying hands/eyes on it. While the problem may very well be worn/bent/damaged parts, it might also be incorrect mounting of the deck if it had been removed.
You should have a square steel "Pan" for lack of a better word, at the rear of the deck with a 1/4" or so rod going through several points. Also two or more springs involved.
One thing about MTD or at least used to be, is they have manuals for viewing or download with detailed instructions and IPL's.
I can only suggest from my own early trial and errors, then learning how easy these decks can be and how effective they can be over even more expensive machines, that you remove the deck completely, you should then have 4 mounting points exposed, ensure that those 4 points raise and lower in conjunction with each other.
I might be able to find the manual to help you install the deck but will need time to research or go back and find any model # you have posted.


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09-26-15, 08:21 PM   #5  
No need to have two threads about this, and since the pictures and 2 pages of discussion about this are on the other thread, I'm closing this one. It's much harder to know what has been done and what is going on when you have to flip back and forth from one discussion to another.

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