New Straus grass trimmer (3hp) problems.


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Question New Straus grass trimmer (3hp) problems.


I recently bought a brand New trimmer that i cannot get started. I purchased it abroad which means returning it to the shop is not an option at this point.

I have followed the instructions for Cold starting the trimmer to the letter. I have placed a fuel/oil mixture into the tank (Maybe the ratio is a bit richer than 40:1). Every time i go to pull the starter cord it will come out about 10cm before getting momentarily stuck, then it will come another 10cm and get stuck again and so on. I have discovered that removing the spark plug completely gets rid of this problem. The cord pulls smoothly and i see the internal part of the engine turning over in the spark plug hole.

As soon as i screw the plug back into Place the same stuck problem occurrs. It does not seem to matter how far the spark plug is screwed in - even a 1/4 in will result in the same problem. To me (and i am definitely a novice With this stuff) it seems that its an air pressure issue. Could the air intake valve be blocked even though its brand New?

I did read somewhere that fuel/oil can get into the engine and cause this issue so it should be drained out of the spark plug hole. I tried this and nothing came out.

I am getting very frustrated With this so if anyone can shed any light it would be greatly appreciated!


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It's hard to tell from your description but the "sticking" you are feeling is probably the normal compression of the engine. Just give the start cord a good long yank. Good back & shoulder muscles help!
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Make sure the kill switch is in the "Run" position.
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Without meaning to be too graphic i have been yanking like hell and it does not change :-/ I do agree that appears to be the compression of the engine which is stopping it. perhaps it is too well Sealed? ;-)


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Noted and i can confirm it is in the run position. But it was Worth asking. I do feel like i am missing something very simple....
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When you remove the spark plug, is it wet or dry? If wet, you may be flooding it. If dry, smell for gas on the plug and at the plug hole. If no odor, you may not be getting fuel to the cylinder.
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Just to make sure it isn't hydro locked turn the trimmer with the plug hole down, plug out and see if anything comes out after a couple minutes.
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If it's new it may have an oil coating inside the engine making the compression much higher than it normally would be. You might have to spray some brake cleaner in the plug hole to wash out some of the oil and pull it a few revolutions.
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As advised I took out the spark plug and tipped the trimmer upside down (spark plug hole down) and gave the pull cord some concerted yanking. I also thinned out my oil/fuel mixture a little and voila. ..on functioning trimmer. Now for the hard work...!
Thanks guys!
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When you say you thinned the fuel mixture, if the mixture is too lean it will burn up the engine. Dump out the fuel and mix a new batch with the proper ratio. Quickest way to destroy a 2-cycle engine is run them without enough oil in the mix. Have a good one. Geo

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