5 Hp Briggs on push mower

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5 Hp Briggs on push mower

My coworker bought a Weed Eater push mower at an auction. He knew the guy and he told him that it sat up for a couple years. He paid 35 for the mower not running of course. He brought it to me and I pulled on it a couple times. I checked the tank for gas BUT did not smell it up close. I told him I needed fresh gas and he said it had a half of tank in it. ETC ETC. So I thought he put fresh gas in it.

So I took the filter off and had gas squirting and good fire. But no start. Pulled the nut off the flywheel for a key check. It was good. Put it on my short bench and took the tank off and it was way more than varnish in there. It smelled like polyuerathane. Put new gasket and diaphram adjusted the air gap on coil, cleaned carb out and put back together. Pumped the primer 3 times and voila 1st pull it ran like a new mower.

It's a big wheel and it looks like new. I looked at the blade and it is brand new.

So the moral of my story is ...... If someone tells you something they did something don't take it for granted.
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I get this all the time from customers. The other ones are that the unit is only 2 years old and yes I check the oil all the time.

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