Giant vac leaf blower problem


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Giant vac leaf blower problem

I have a giant vac 9 hp vanguard with a Briggs and straton engine. Its an older unit but always starts right up no problem. When I put it on high/max throttle it will run great for about 10-15 minutes and than start to sputter. I have to lower the throttle down for a while before I can crank it up again. It's almost like it over heats or something. It's been like this for years but I only use it for a few weeks in the fall so I for get to look into repairing it. Not sure whats going on but would like some advise on where to look .. Thanks
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Fuel issue for sure. I keep saying fuel lines a lot, but that could be the problem since it runs good for a while. Your line could be bad on the inside. No real way to check it by blowing in it. A couple bucks for a new line could save you a big headache.
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At least 99% of the time it's a fuel issue.
Prevention is the key to prevent future issues on any gas powered machine that gets little use.
Only use nonethenal fuel, there's thousands of places it's avalible, or at least use a fuel additive that counter acts the effects of it. Any auto store, power tool store, Lowe's, Wall-Mart, Home Depot has it.
Never ever use old fuel.
Done using the vac at the end of the year then keep it running until it runs out of fuel.
Far more likely the carb. needs to be rebuilt then the fuel lines.
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If the fuel is being used faster than it can run into the carb, this would be the result. I'd drop the carburetor bowl and watch how fast the fuel runs.
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Try running it with the fuel cap loose, it may not be venting properly, the leaves create a lot of dust and the vent may have become clogged. Have a good one. Geo

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