Sears Craftsmen 24" Snowblower stalls under load after 10 minutes


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Sears Craftsmen 24" Snowblower stalls under load after 10 minutes

I have a 4 to 5 year old Craftsmen 24" two stage Snowblower. I think it is actually built by Murray (not certain). The Model number from Sears seems to be 1695739 and from Murray it's C950-52946-0. The engine is a Briggs & Stratton 9.0 ft.lbs / 205 CC.

The first winter it ran perfectly fine. Ever since then, I have had a recurring problem. It always starts easily after one or two pulls on the cord. Then as I am using it, usually after 10 to 15 minutes (so the choke was long ago shut off), it will suddenly start acting like it is starving of fuel 5 to 10 seconds and then shortly after stall right out. It won' restart unless I turn on the choke again, and then it starts instantly. If I then turn the choke off right after, it will again stall out, and again, if I turn the choke on, it starts back up.

I have played around with this a bit. I've left the gas cap off... no change, won't start unless the choke is on. I've also found that when I notice it's about to starve out, if I immediately start pumping the fuel primer bulb a bunch of times, it stutters for a few seconds but then smooths out and keeps running for another few minutes until the same cycle occurs.

If I simply let it die, then let it cool down for 20 minutes or so, I start it up and I go again for another 10-15 minutes into the same cycle.

Any thoughts? It's used probably about 15-20 hours in a winter, so it's not heavily used, and it's for our house, not a commercial operation.
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It sounds like a gasket or "O" ring leaking air. With it running right after a restart spray some WD40 around the carb mounting faces and see if you have a change in rpms.
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If there is a high speed jet on the carb, after starting with the throttle on high, try turning it CCW , then CW to get the highest RPM. If no improvement, remove the carb. Remove the float bowl and the float and clean all passages with a pressurized carb cleaner using the plastic straw. Reassemble and see if this helps. If not, try changing the spark plug. If this doesn't help, change the ignition module. Good luck.
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On some engines the fuel cap had a bell shaped splash shield, some times it comes loose and floats around in the bottom of the tank then as you run the engine it floats over the fuel outlet and shuts off the fuel, after the engine dies the fuel flow releases the cone and it floats up and fuel begins to flow again. Refer to the pic below. Have a good one. Geo

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Before using the mower get tools to remove the gas line at the carb and a jar to catch the gas. When the mower stops, remove gas line at carb and place in the jar. Do one of the following
If the tank is above the carb, the gas is fed by gravity and should keep flowing. Pinch the gas line before the jar fills and replace onto carb. If the flow was small, look for a dirty gas tank or inline filter.

If the tank has an electric pump, try starting the engine while observing the jar. If gas flows , the electric pump is more than likely OK.
Continue with the suggestions on the previous response. One additional note. When you have the carb apart, make sure the float is horizontal before the needle seats (check while blowing air through the gas inlet nipple).Adjust float arm as needed. I am sure there are specs for this adjustment, use them if you have it.
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Tecumseh Engine and Carburetor ?

If so, there's a simple procedure for routinely cleaning the main jet tube.
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Please post the model, type and code from the engine, it is usually stamped in the engine shroud just above the spark plug or on a tab by the muffler or in the valve cover for OHV, it appears xxxxxx-xxxx-xx. Have a good one. Geo

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