8HP Tecumseh MTD Leaf Blower - running issue


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8HP Tecumseh MTD Leaf Blower - running issue

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Size:  23.1 KBGood day - have MTD Tecumseh 8hp leaf blower, pull start. Hadn't used it in 4 years, finally trying to get it up and running. Had to replace carb and throttle control spring, fresh oil & air filter, fitted a clear fuel hose. Spark plug cleaned & gapped to .030, spark check = good.

Got it running fairly quick but doesn't stay running as it stalls ~30 secs after raising throttle to high speed. Fuel appears to flow ok in the hose, vent cap appears good. Got the idle speed set but cant keep it running long enough in high speed to make the carb adjustments (fuel/air). Bowl has an a screw for adjusting mixture? Orig carb had a fixed jet.

Grateful for any input...

Additional - orig. carb was non-adjusting except for idle speed. replacement has adjustments for idle speed, idle mixture, fuel mixture
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just came back from garage

- adjusted idle mixt to about 1-1/4 turns out from fully in
- took off air filter, just to see what's going on
- clear fuel hose - looks full
- started it, idle speed sounds good, let it warm on full choke, then closed off choke little by little
- raised speed, runs good, started surging, adjusted the fuel mix screw slightly out (bottom of bowl), seemed ok, engine stalls - looks like fuel line is empty but plenty of fuel in tank
- Fuel line slowly refills
- went to restart and noticed the gas dripping from the carb - flooded?!?!
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The dripping carb could be that the float has become a sinker, the not running and surging could be the idle circuit is clogged, the bowl nut is the main jet and has a hole near the top most people miss when they are cleaning the carb, I use the wire from a twist tie to clean it. Refer to the pic below. Have a good one. Geo
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Follow up...

removed carb - it's clean, including the main jet. it appears that the float valve does not seat and allows the fuel to keep filling the bowl. Correct me if im wrong - if the bowl is full, the float rises and shuts the valve until the float lowers again, and when closed shouldn't allow any fuel in.

That's the latest.
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I suggest replacing the float, needle, and seat. These are all common problem areas with that engine and it's best to just do it once and be done with it.

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