Leaf blower purchase by home owner

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Leaf blower purchase by home owner

I need a leaf blower for around the house. This would mainly be for leaves in the fall but also for grass clippings.

I want something with enough power to make it worth while. I have a 180hp blower someone gave me but its worthless. Barely blowes a leaf.

I'd kind of prefer electric because with 2 lithium batteries I think I could tackle most jobs id be up against.

BUT, if there is some gas blower thats 40:1 and you always can get it started i'd be ok with that. I HATE when stuff doesn't start and maintenance is more time consuming, thus battery idea.

Suggestions? I figure you all may save me an hour of looking on amazon...

Preferably under 400$ but taking all suggestions.
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I recommend this one:

Shop Husqvarna 50.2cc 2-Cycle Professional Gas Backpack Leaf Blower at Lowes.com

I have a 180hp blower someone gave me
Are you sure it is 180 hp? Must really be heavy.
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Only u know what is enough power to make it worth while. Blowers have an air volume rating measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Usually the bigger the CFM, the more the blower costs. Good luck
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For the best advice specific to your needs, and minimal maintenance on your part, I suggest visiting your local independent lawn and garden dealers. They may be a bit higher than your local big box, and it seems that you can always find someone selling anything for less on the internet, but what do you want to buy? It does not sound like you necessarily want to buy the cheapest thing, and that's a good thing in a lot of cases. A local dealer will listen to your needs, offer advice, and, yes, actually service it for you, whether on a preventative or as needed basis. These are things that the big boxes and internet do not provide.
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Oh no i think its 180MPH lol. Sorry.

Thanks all.
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Welcome to the forums. (I moved your thread to the outdoor gas powered equipment forum)

The battery powered blowers aren't terribly strong and the charge doesn't last long enough. A quick driveway or sidewalk cleaning... no problem. An entire lawn..... iffy.

An electric (plug-in) type would be a step up. More strength, almost no maintenance but an electrical cord to tote around.

I bought an Echo backpack which is the perfect tool for the job. Some downsides are it's a bit heavy and awkward, requires maintenance every year, fairly noisy. My machine was around $300 and in my opinion worth every penny. It makes leaf cleanup an easy job.

I also have two small handheld gasoline blowers for those smaller in between jobs.

I also had a push type gas leaf blower. It moved a lot of air but was hard to control. Thankfully a friend loved it so it changed hands quickly.
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When it comes to gas blowers, I say buy nothing other than Echo. Anything else is not an Echo. They make models cheap enough to consider them when budget shopping.

Mine is probably over 25 years old, gets neglected all year, and still starts and runs well in the fall when I need it.
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Wow you have a 180 that don't blow ?? My cousin gave my wife an electric blower it's a Weed Eater 2510 and it takes care of 2 lots that are 80 X 100. One 100 foot cord takes care of the job.

It seems like you want a quality blower, which is fine and I agree with Cheese on the Echo. If you are not going to use one much and you want gas then buy a pre mixed fuel in a can like Tru Fuel or something similar. It wont mess up your carb and you can store your blower all winter and start back up in the spring time with no issues.

A friend of mine uses TRU FUEL and his saw gives him NO problems.

BUT you can get a Dolmar 4 stroke for about 200 bux and not have to worry about mixing oil and gas.

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