Decent single or cheap two stage snow blower ?


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Decent single or cheap two stage snow blower ?

I am in NJ and moved from a townhouse to a house.
I have a corner property so there is a lot of sidewalk but not much of driveway or otherwise....
I see Sear is running a special on 22inch ,2 stage 179cc MTD engine (re-branded by Craftsman) for $399.... that's a great price but the reviews are mixed.
For about that money I can get single stage from Ariens or used Simplicity unit - brands known for really good snow blowers.

Hope we have some users here who tried variety of snow blowers and can provide me with some wisdom

Thank you!
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I also live in NJ. I bought a used Yard Machines dual stage 8hp tecumseh engine 24" blower for $200 about 5 years ago. It has performed excellent. Electric and manual start. It starts easily in the fall and no problems to this point. I purchased a used Honda 621 for $250 for our son who lives in PA. It is also is an excellent piece of equipment. He doesnt even use the electric start. It starts on the first pull every time. I have not enough exposure to the new MTD engines to say whether or not they are good. I believe all the newer equipment have chinese engines on them. I would not recommend a new Ariens.
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Here's a link to a similar discussion from just a few weeks ago:

Besides the MTD that I mentioned in that thread, I also use an electric TORO for the shallow pitched roofs on certain buildings here and on my deck because of the non-metal auger and it only weighs about 35 pounds which makes it easy to carry up a ladder.
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I use the electric toro for my sidewalk (short) and my deck. I just bought a 3 stage for my driveway (long).

Based on what I have read I think your best bet is a two stage.

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