Stihl Leaf blower carb problem


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Stihl Leaf blower carb problem

Hello All, I have a Stihl hand held blower that I just rebuilt the carb on. While blowing out the misc internal passages, a small round disc blew out of a cavity. It looks like it was "pinned" in with some kind of a small punch or ? I set it back in place, but have a feeling it needs to be tight. It has been deformed from the install process so can't really re punch it. I put it in place and installed the carb and the blower will not start. Thinking that disc is the issue. Before I JB weld it in place wanted to know if anyone had a carb breakdown with pics or had any suggestions.
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Turn the plug over on a hard surface and reshape it from the other side. If you used pressure high enough to blow out the welch plug you probably destroyed some check valves as well, it might be cheaper and less frustrating to just buy a new carb since they are a lot cheaper than they used to be. Have a good one. Geo
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The metal disc you saw come loose is a welch plug. It is used to create a seal between two areas of the carb body. With some manufacturers the plug also houses a small plastic disc that perform a check valve function.
Need the carb manufacturer and model # to give specific answers. Walbro and Zama are two of the most common manufacturers. Both have good websites.

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