Murray M2510 trimmer runs but won't idle


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Murray M2510 trimmer runs but won't idle

I have a Murray M2510 gas trimmer that I've had for I think almost 3 years now.

I already replaced the carburetor once. Sometime over the summer it has developed an issue where it doesn't want to stay running unless you're giving it throttle.

To break it down a little, this is what it does:

You can prime it, put it on full choke, pull it a couple times to where it fires a little, then put it on half choke and start it (which is what I normally do to start it).

After being started, if you don't give it any throttle it will run for maybe 30 seconds or so (often less) and then shut off.

After it shuts off, you can't just re-start it on half choke, you have to put the choke on full and repeat the starting procedure (minus the priming) and this is the case no matter how long you've had it running.

Other than this issue it runs really good.

What do I need to look at to fix this?
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Is there a screw on the throttle linkage on the carb. to adjust the idle?
There also should be two other adjustment on it one may have an L and the other an H, for high and low speed adjustments.
They may take a special type of screw driver you would have to buy.
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I need to check that, but I'm not sure if adjusting the idle would help or not. I never messed with anything, and admittedly I didn't use it a whole lot this summer. I'm kinda wondering if something got gunked up in the carb, I hope not because this carb is only a little over a year old.
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Putting a little Sea Foam in the gas may clean it up. It would only take a couple of spoons full in the gas. That stuff runs about 8 bucks a can and you use it in just about everything that uses gas or diesel.

Make sure your gas/oil ratio is right. A heavy oil concentration can cause idle problems.
Use the best gas and oil you can get. It's only a couple bucks more for the whole summer.
Only mix a half gallon at a time to avoid stale gas.

There should be at least two adjusting screws on the carb, maybe three. The idle speed is a throttle stop. The other would adjust the mixture. If there are two mixture screws they are usually H & L for high/low speed. Try turning either the single screw or the L screw (which ever you have) in/out slightly to see if the problem clears up. If it was a new carb and never tuned that may take care of it.

The more you use the trimmer the better it will work. Infrequent use is the hardest thing on a machine.

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