Honda snowblower carburetor problem revisited


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Honda snowblower carburetor problem revisited

A few years back I started this thread:

I have the same problem again. The replacement carburetor is allowing fuel to leak out. I've fiddled with it a bit and I can't seem to get it to stop. Last time, a rebuild kit didn't help so I had to order a new carb.

It's worked good for 5 seasons. I use only Ethanol free fuel with Stabil. None of my other lawn/garden engines have this problem.
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Hello HRTKD,

Aftermarket carbs are cheap enough now (Ebay) that it doesn't pay to fool around with one, just replace it and be done.....

Good Luck
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You have some trash in the needle seat area stopping it from sealing.
Float bowl has a hole in it so it no longer floats.
Needle or float is sticking.
Pick one.
All this should be able to be checked by removing the float bowl.
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Did you get a OEM or cheap aftermarket one?

Even gas with stabilizer will go bad. Stabilizer only slows the varnishing process and unfortunately it can't stop condensation, rust and dirt accumulation. So, you may still have a problem caused by old fuel.
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The replacement carb was OEM Honda. $58 at the time, now $64.

I took apart the float bowl last weekend, including the needle. I sprayed it down with carb cleaner and then reassembled it. No joy, it still leaked.
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