10HP Tecumseh SnowKing - Starter Issues


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Question 10HP Tecumseh SnowKing - Starter Issues

Hello folks - New to the forum and looking for advice re starter - My Craftsman snowblower equipped with the 10.5 hp Tecumseh SnowKing engine has just had a new 16 tooth starter drive gear replaced - old was torn up - starter now seems to have developed a dead spot (when tested on and off engine) - sometimes works, sometimes not unless multiple push buttons tries - inspected the brush card and though a little worn all appear ok - (cleaned the armature, also appeared good) - 2 brushes appear to float on springs, other 2 appear to be fixed in place though they still have springs attached to them - is this standard ? - - Not sure if these that appear fixed are worn out or ? - what is the correct replacement part number for this item - starter is noted as model 37000 - it's the original starter. Any thoughts or cures ?
Blower is approx. 1998 model Craftsman C950-52021-0
Engine designation is YTPXS3582BF ..... model #143011103 ..... doesn't match up to any of the newer model #'s when searching for parts (new numbers since 2004 production ?)
Sorry for the lengthly post
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I think all four brushes are supposed to float so they maintain contact as they wear. It is possible two are so worn they have reached the limit of the spring travel? It would explain the dead spot.

Mark the shaft so you can see if the dead spot is in the exact same position all the time. If it's a brush problem, the dead spot will likely appear to move around.

Partstree has the brush card for about $50; the whole starter is about 5x that. May be other cheaper sources.
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Hi CarbideTipped ...... agree with your thinking that all should float given they all hard springs on the actual brush stick ....... saw the PartsTree item and some other replacements viewed on-line being much cheaper but not sure of the replacement part number for the 37000 starter .... thanks for your advise.
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Never mind, my comments pertained to the Tecumseh DC Starters, and you're working on an AC !

Canceled post.

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