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Glenn Wilson
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Anybody know of an Antique Outdoor Power Equipment Club? I've heard rumors of a show in the Syracuse, NY area. I've got a 5 hp David Bradley unit that I'd either like to get manuals/attachments for, or to sell it to some enthusiast who'll get a big kick out of it. I'd also like to get a manual for my Toro SportLawn reel mowers. I'm always on the look out for rare or unusual mechanical devices so I can give my wife something to complain about...

Seems to me there's interest in older power tools - its fun to tinker with them, most times it doesn't cost much to fix, you don't have to deal with lots of electronics, and they don't take up much room.

Plus they're cool.

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You couldn't have found a better friend in me in mind with that .

I have restored/recycled in the past few years:

1) 1988 Craftsman lawn mower....cost $0. Jammed starter cord and I serviced it...still running.
2) 1981 Toro power shovel....cost $0. Needed grease in the gearcase and to properly reassemble the handle...works great.
3) 1974 B&D trimmer...my dad bought this at a garage sale in 1980 for 2 bucks.....replaced a brush and a wire. Still works....
4) My uncle just gave me a #7300 circular saw from B&D. See my post in the small appliance forum for help with that one.
5) I just bought a 1960 Craftsman tool cabinet for 50 bucks and refinished it the best I could. In the process now of finding the lock bars that make the top chest lock. Even have the original 1960 ad from the Sears catalog!!!
6) Repaired a 1960 Wilton vise I paid nothing for. Cleaned it up with solvent, polished the shaft and greased it. Works like new.

I have picked up numerous old tools from an estate sale and I have been trying to research how old they are. I bought some 50's and 60's tools for a buck each. Most of the companies were shocked when I told them how much I paid and when I found out how old they were!!!

Old stuff can rule! I find it intriguing and challenging to fix it. I hate junk around, so it must work!!!!

As for your manual, contact Toro, and they will probably still have it around.

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Hello: Glenn

Since I am not even close to your area, best source for the information on the old engine clubs would be to contact the manufacturers directly.

Small engine manufacturers have a lobby group, in Washington D.C. to advise congress pertaining to aspects of the industry and help protect their best interests.

Contacting the manufacturers for the organizations they belong to may also help you locate a local collectors club.

I couldn't think of any reason why either of these groups wouldn't be interested in helping you in your matter also.

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