Ariens snow blower does not start


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Ariens snow blower does not start

I have ariens 932140 which does not start. But I should give background of human error or stupidity first.
1. Last winter I stored the snow blower taking out all the oil and gas.
2. This winter i was out and when snow came i called my son to put to gas and just start it. he just did what i told him and it started fine but after sometime it stopped as there was no oil.
3. Now it won't start (obviously).

So before interpreting anything i want to make sure i try everything to see if the engine is not dead and need some recommendations on where to start before i make a decision to buy new one. They are expensive and if I can fix this with some effort it would be really helpful.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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It's anyone's guess, and you didn't say one way or the other, but it either turns over or it doesn't. If it does not turn over, I would suspect the rod bearing is seized. If it does turn over, I would suspect that it does so relatively easy, and that the piston rings are seized. These are only a couple of things that need oil, so just the beginning, and no way to know until you tear it down. Some people subscribe to draining the gasoline during the off season, and some don't, but never put away an engine with no oil in the crankcase.
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If the engine is intact, still turns over, has spark and compression, shoot a bit of gas in the cylinder and see if it will fire.

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