Toro Model 20047 Personal Pace Mower- Drive shaft side to side slack


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Toro Model 20047 Personal Pace Mower- Drive shaft side to side slack

I have a model 20047 that I just replaced the transmission on. The shaft has about 1/4" side to side slack. I didn't notice it before I took it apart, and am wondering if it is normal. There is a spacer washer on the left side only, none on the right.
BTW, the first transmission the parts place sent me turned backwards, and it about drove me crazy until I read here that someone else had the same problem; the front wheel drive transmission is identical, except for turning backwards. So y'all saved my sanity.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Dave Hughes
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I take it the shaft with the play is the axle drive shaft. That would be set up inside the tranny case. The spacer on the outside is probably the thrust side of the gear drive. There would be some tolerance built in to handle expansion from heat. With the stamped case the 1/4 inch is likely in the normal range if everything turns good enough.

It could be built tighter with more expense but most of those things aren't.
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Thanks. That's what I was thinking, I just wanted other opinions on it.
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I have the Toro 22" recycler self propelled mower. It's less than a year old and when going uphill it stalls. I cleaned the carb bowl and carb with cleaner, put dry gas in the tank, fuel is new. I pushed the handle down to mimic the angle on the hill and the engine doesn't stall. Only when driving uphill. Any ideas?
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mower stalling

I had a similar problem with the same mower. It seems that as the mower ages, the spring that counter-pulls on the fan/governor mechanism weakens and the factory-set speed is lowered. In this condition, when the mower encounters to much drag (going uphill, deep wet grass, etc.) the motor will die. So this spring is connected to the fan lever on one side and a pivoting metal piece on the other side. It is on this side that I moved it to a position (anchored by a piece of wire) that put more tension on this spring and it resulted in a higher set speed. You will have to play with it to get the desired higher speed. If yours is a variable speed mower disregard all that I wrote!

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