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A problem started last year on a 5 yr old Huskee with a 12hp B&S engine. It sounds "rough", tho it runs fine, and if you don't idle back all the way before shutting off power, it makes a couple of real loud "bangs". It just isn't right. It has been used quite a bit--I use it to help cut 10 acres of grass. I maintain it regularly. The manual did say something about having to clean out the carbon deposits every so often. This I have never done. Can it be, as we used to say, "carboned up?" Or, does one still need to change the points and condenser on these new machines? I poured a can of carbon cleaner in it last year, with no results.
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Hello and Welcome cziembo to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum.

First off, in my opinion, one should always reduce the engine speed to idle before killing the engine. If not, fuel will continue to be entering the combustion chamber, which may cause the condition you discribed.

When an engine is turned off from full speed, the unburned fuel is still entering the combustion chamber. This unburned fuel will contaminate the oil and may contribute to excess carbon buildup.

It can also be causing the condition you have discribed, caused by prior shutoffs done incorrectly, in my opinion.

You may have to remove the spark plug, spray carb cleaner directly into the plug hole, allow it to soak several minutes, replace the plug and startup the engine in an attempt to clean any carbon buildup. It may also be necessary to remove and cleanout the muffler.

Check the engines high speed RPM's. It should be running over 3600 RPM's. An over speed condition also causes the condition you discribed.

Another possibility is too lean a fuel mixture. This condition causes what I think your discribing, a popping sound as the engine finally dies.

The lean fuel condition can be caused by several conditions. Most likely either from a minor fuel restriction between the fuel tank and the carb or within the carb itself.

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