B&S 14hp Signature 2000 elite won't crank


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B&S 14hp Signature 2000 elite won't crank

The starter wont rise to crank the motor, is this a battery problem?
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Do you mean the drive gear? If so, I don't think that it's a battery problem?
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Yes sir. It won't pop up. It just sits there and spins.
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If the problem is the starter gear isn't moving up the starter shaft as opposed to the gear being stripped or the flywheel teeth being stripped you may be be to fix it by lubricating the starter shaft with some PT Blaster or spraying the shaft with some carb cleaner, then lubricating it with a liquid lubricant.

Make sure the cables to the battery are hooked up properly so the starter is spinning the correct direction.
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You can try to lubricate it but it sounds like the solenoid is bad.
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Take the battery to a auto parts store and have it tested. If not good, get a replacement and install in the mower. If this doesn't fix the problem do the following.
Remove the starter with the cable connected. Using a jumper cable, connect the starter frame to the negative terminal of the battery.Holding the starter firmly. turn the ignition switch to the START position. The starter gear should slide out to the end of the shaft when the starter motor spins. If this is OK, use light oil on the starter shaft and reinstall.
Remove the engine flywheel cover. Verify the teeth on the flywheel and starter gear are OK. With the battery disconnected, pry up the starter gear to verify it's teeth engage the flywheel teeth. If not, loosen the starter mounting bolts and adjust the starter until the starter gear teeth engage and disengage with the mounting bolts tight.
Reconnect the battery and try spinning the engine using the ignition switch. If successful, your done. If not the starter motor is bad and needs repair or replacement Good luck.
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If the battery is connected backwards it will not make the gear jump up. If the battery is low or bad and it doesn't turn the starter fast enough it won't jump. If the gear is stuck on the drive helix, or if the starter is bad and not able to turn quickly, it won't jump the gear up. Focus on these possibilities starting with the easiest first and you will find the problem.

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