snow blower drive

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snow blower drive

I own a Craftsman snow blower number 536.886190. Fortunately, that season is over. During the last major storm the drive wheels ceased operating properly. In lower gears the wheels would turn but as soon as the unit hit the snow bank the wheels would just stop. I was able to put the unit into reverse back it up; put it back into a slow forward gear and the process would repeat. Drive into the snow back and wheels would stop. In years past when hitting a large pile of snow the wheels would continue to turn and begin to dig into the snow under the tire. Another point was that when I moved the speed selector into a very high gear for transport, the unit would not move or move very slowly. Once moving it would pick up some speed. Basically, the drive wheels felt like they were slipping internally. Doing some reading, I think I need to replace either the friction wheel shaft bearing assembly or the friction wheel assembly or both (names taken from the sears parts site).

Is there some way to diagnose the part required before ripping it apart? I feel comfortable enough tackling the job but I hate to leave the unit apart while parts are on order. My memory for reassembling mechanical devices is suspect especially after the unit has sat for more than a day.

Also, is there any other part that should be serviced / replaced when this is apart?

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There is a bolt that attaches the large sprocket to the wheel axle assembly this breaks very often and the unit won't drive. I would start there. Juts tip the machine up on the bucket (drain the gas) remove the bottom pan and check it is easy to check every thing out with the bottom pan removed. Take pictures before you take anything apart.
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