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Craftsman lawnmower, Honda 160 engine

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04-30-16, 05:23 AM   #1  
Craftsman lawnmower, Honda 160 engine

I have a Honda powered lawnmower that has a very hard time to keep it running. It has a slide chock and as long as I hold the chock open it run. If I let it go it stalls until it warms up and then it seems to run fine. Plug, gas, oil are fine.

Any ideas?


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04-30-16, 06:03 AM   #2  
Dirty carb. most likely.
Time to remove, clean and rebuild, or buy a new one.

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04-30-16, 06:58 AM   #3  
I agree. Time for a cleaning

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04-30-16, 10:53 AM   #4  
Most mower engine chokes use friction to keep the choke in the selected position. The choke should be fully closed to partial open for starting and fully open once the engine warms. If you are saying the choke position goes from fully closed/partial open to fully open when you release the lever, you are releasing it before the engine is warm. Hold it partial open for a longer time. Do you have to hold the choke in the closed position while trying to start the engine? Unless its electric start, must be difficult to do. If the choke is spring loaded to the open position. you need to find the choke pivot point and see if there is any way to increase friction on the choke linkage so it maintains position when released..

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04-30-16, 01:26 PM   #5  
I'm guessing it's the choke. The Honda engines have a lever that you move forward and then it slowly moves back to the other position when it starts. I don't think it dirty but I will check. I always use new treated gas and also use Seafoam. Might be time for a new carb.

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05-01-16, 06:56 AM   #6  
A couple of things it could be with that type of auto choke. There is a thermal pod that bolts near the muffler with a rod to the choke. If this is packed with dirt or debris it might be warming too fast and opening the choke faster than it should.
Also on these carbs, if it has been removed it is very easy to not get all the gaskets reinstalled, or have one damaged enough to cause a slight vacuum leak.

Just needs a bigger hammer

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05-01-16, 06:42 PM   #7  
Sounds to me like the carb needs cleaning. The choke opens on its own on these and is supposed to.

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05-02-16, 02:51 AM   #8  
Correct. You can't keep the choke closed without holding the lever at the engine closed. I just ordered a new carb. Only 15 dollars. What a deal.

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