Briggs mower clank on starting


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Briggs mower clank on starting

Gardenway by Troybuilt
Model: D06547AC
MTD model: 11A-549K118
Eng: Briggs & Stratton 6.5hp
Eng code: 120602-0164-E1 001108 FA

So I had a heck of a time getting my blade off to sharpen it this year (pounding wrench, WD40, cussing, etc). Finally got it off , sharpened, new plug (E3 split elcctrode ), new oil. When I start it up, felt a vibration and the blade falls off while running. After brief heart attack and counting toes, I pick up pieces and notice the blade adapter is broken/cracked in half so I get a new one (luckily Lowes stock one worked). I have been checking the blade regularly to make sure it is tight.

Now when I first pull start it, there is a loud clank or two. Like metal to metal, or maybe like sound of rock on blade (but not the case here). After starting seems to be running & cutting fine even through some thick tall damp grass last week, no vibrations or unusual sounds. Any ideas what could be causing the clank?
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Since it started with the work on the blade that would be where I would look for a piece of sheet metal that may have gotten torn loose when the blade flew off. If you tip up the mower to look at the underside for something like that, keep in mind the oil may fill the combustion chamber if you hold it in that position too long.
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The blade is loose even if it doesn't feel like it. Remove and reinstall the balde and your problem will be solved. Have a good one. Geo
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I assume you checked to ensure that the Blade is still balanced after that hectic removal and sharpening?

Out-of-balance conditions can manifest themselves in unusual ways . . . . and this may be one of them.
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I would think if the blade is loose it shouldn't be cutting well, especially in tall grass or at least vibrating?
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I would agree that the blade is loose or the engine mounting bolts are loose.
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It could be the blade bolt is bottoming out using the new adapter and therefore everything seems tight but isn't, try puting a washer or two under the blade bolt. Have a good one. Geo
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Same engine and symptoms

Did you ever figure out what was wrong? My engine is doing exactly the same thing. The blade adapter cracked and dropped the blade into the lawn. There is apparently something causing an impact shock to the blade assembly or the shaft, but mechanically the blade is mounted tightly, does not impact the deck anywhere, and the engine is securely fastened to the deck and not drifting. The connecting rod would be suspect, but the clanking lasts for less than 10 seconds and the engine runs fine afterwards.
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Check your old blade adapter,to see if there is a spacer stuck in the bottom. The spacer does not come with the new blade adapter.If you have one.Hope this helps.


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