is there a forum for garden power tools?


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is there a forum for garden power tools?

we have an old black and decker electric mower model number LM1800. as it was not built in china it still works even tho it is decades old.
what maintainance is required, oiling etc?
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Yes. I just moved your post for you.
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what maintainance is required, oiling etc?
Depending on how much you use it, sharpening the blade once or twice a season, cleaning out the dead and matted grass before it packs in solid, possibly removing the wheels and adding a drop or two of oil to the axles and checking the grass catcher for large holes.

Also, go over the extension cord carefully and tape any worn or cut portions on the outer jacket. If the inner wires are compromised in any way, toss the cord and buy a new one.

If you use the mower often then you might need some new motor brushes at some point, assuming that this particular model uses brushes.

For what it is worth I have a Black & Decker cordless mower that is about 18 years old and still on the original battery. I have never done anything to it but cleaning and blade sharpening.
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I had an olde D&D electric push mower in Central America. It came with the house and it was really old when I got it. Eventually it died and the motor needed rewinding but then it was as good as new. The newer mowers with dynamic braking are more troublesome so don't get rid of that old one. If it dies seek out a shop that works on AC motors and they should be able to get it back up and running pretty easily.
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Thanks all- oh I need 25 characters to post!

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