B&S engine on Craftsman pressure washer question


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B&S engine on Craftsman pressure washer question

Does B&S engine on Craftsman Pressure Washer Mod. 580-767100 have a fuel mixture adjustment? Mine seems to be running too lean and has to be partially choked to run under load.
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It doesn't have a mixture screw, first, with it running spray/dribble some carb/brake parts cleaner behind the carb if the engine tempo changes you have an air leak causing the lean condition, second clamp off the fuel line and remove the carb bowl,, put a small container under the carb and remove the fuel clamp to check the fuel flow to the carb, last clean the bowl and the bowl nut which is the main jet,one hole down the center and one across the bottom, refer to the pic below. Have a good one. Geo


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