smoked the tiller!


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I'm just sick!! I think I may have smoked the motor on my 5 hp tiller. I checked everything before I ran it, but, now when I think back on the event, I may have been checking the oil level on a not-so-level surface. Is it more economical to repair the motor or just buy a different tiller? I really liked this tiller. It is a troy-bilt and it has really served me well. I've had it about 20 years and never had any other problems with it. Any suggestions??
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What makes you think you roasted the motor? Try giving it a good once over and you might be surprised to find you can nurse it back to health.

What type of engine? Tecumseh? B&S? New engines are fairly cheap! You can get them from Jack's Small Engine shop or the Engine warehouse.

They're about 140 bucks brand new from B&S from what I have seen. This would be a good option if you like the features of the one you have.

You might have done what the previous owner of my Little Wonder did....blow the head gasket due to overheating and lack of oil. I contacted B&S tech line (my preference is Tecumseh engines, not B&S ones, but hey, the edger was free ) and they were VERY helpful. They suggested the head gasket for it. I have to look into that. Mine works, just leaks oil and runs choppy. The head gasket makes sense in my case....

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