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my choke is stuck , will not budge despite large amts of wd/40. Is there a maintence that would have prevented this and is there anything else i could do to unstick choke?thanks
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Can you move it by hand? Maybe something came undone inside the carb.

What type of engine is it? Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh, Kohler?
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Thumbs up riding lawnmower

a friend came over and finally got choke to loosened. it is a briggs/stratton engine.......thanks a mil.
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Hello: Emmies

Glad the results of the stuck choke have been resolved successfully. Care to post, for everyone reading this topic, the exact cause for the stuck choke?

Rusted to the venturi? Rusted cable housing? Bent, frozen or rusted cable or linkage?


Thanks Joe_F for the excellent help you offered, in my forum, while I was away.
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No problem Tom.

Giving and receiving good information is what it's all about Reciprocity is the key !
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Talking ridinglawnmower

the choke was rusted, this will be my seventh summer to use lawnmower, i live in south and grass cutting last a long time, my mtd was a $800.00 machine and has served me well. i am looking at a l9.5 craftsman----- i relly enjoy reading and participating in community forum. a great service to the people. thank you once again.
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Smile riding lawn mower

the rust was in the choke cable.
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my mtd is still going and i also purchased a craftsman l9.5 and i like it verrrry much..............
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stuck choke

I seem to have the same problem with my Craftsman riding mower. It has a Kohler motor. If the cable is rusted how do I repair it. Any other ideas as to the problem are appreciated also.
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You need to isolate the exact source of trouble. Remove the choke control cable at the carburetor and then try to attempt to rotate the choke shaft on the carburetor by hand. Then check out the choke cable by operating the choke control in the dash and watching for movement at the cable end.
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Thanks for the help.

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