Is this lawn tractor exchange worth doing?

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Is this lawn tractor exchange worth doing?

I currently have a White Outdoor GT2150, it is a good few years old, has given me some troubles lately, but when running cuts the yard nicely. However, my in-laws recently upgraded their tractor and have given me their John Deere D130 to use.

But, is it worth swapping? The GT2150 has a 48" deck and the D130 a 42", however the D130 feels as though it has better top speed, it also has a much better turning radius. I suspect if the GT2150 is running perfectly the top speed will be a wash.

I have 5 acres, about 2.5 - 3 cleared that I mow, very little of it is flat. The picture is a view from the back window, the yard drops down and then back up and then drops down again out of view.

The GT2150 has obviously survived many years, only has about 350 hours of use on it, the D130 currently has about 75 hours on it. I would like a larger deck than on the D130, but get the feeling if I upgrade to a larger deck that I am going to be decreasing the life of the transmission/engine somewhat and coupled with the hills I have it may not be worth it. But, mowing with a 42" deck take's a long time.

Ultimately I will pick up something with a 54" or larger deck, but for now am trying to decide between these two.

Any thoughts?

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Lawn Tractor Change

I had the chance to score a bigger deck and tractor and darn glad I did. went from a 42 to a 60 and it was best money I spent in a long time. You will get more done, and it is easier on your back. I was mowing 6 acres with the 42" and took a couple of days to do it without killing my back. I can easily do the 6 acres in one mowing now If I have to. Size does matter!
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Change Tractors

Sell or trade both old tractors for a different one with a wider mowing deck.
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Unless I was getting paid by the hour no way would I be using a deck that small!
It's going to be a homeowners grade mower for small lawns.
With that much acreage if your going to stick with a John Deere (which I would not do) I'd be buying buying an X series at a minimum.
Really want to cut down that mowing time look into a Ferris or Dixie Chopper mower.

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