B&S 18HP, looking for carb rebuild kit


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B&S 18HP, looking for carb rebuild kit

So last winter, my blower was having a heck of a time keeping up with the snow.
I determined the problem was the carb- but couldn't source a rebuild kit.

I took it apart and cleaned it best I could anyway, re-using the gaskets. This did help.We all know that this wasn't too smahht, but it was my only option at the time.... and it got me through the hard season so I'm glad I did it

Now would be the time to fix it right, so I'm looking for a rebuild.

I couldn't get much of use off the carb itself, but what I did find eventually brought me to a part number that, when searched, only finds a "new" carb for $150 or so.

Briggs & Stratton 693480 Carburetor Replacement for Models 499306, 495181 and 495026

I've since lost the original information I had, but I suspect this carb was off of a larger engine than it's currently on. The one pictured appears identical to my own on the outside.

What I can't seem to source is a rebuild kit for this thing. Nozzles and gaskets, ideally- but I'd settle for just gaskets at this point so I can give it a proper cleaning.

At this point I'd even throw down the bones for that new carb- but I can't find a rebuild kit for it either- and I'm not buying a carb I can't rebuild...

Any insight would be well appreciated.
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Please post the engine model, type and code probably stamped in the engine shroud or valve cover, they are xxxxxx-xxxx-xx. Have a good one. Geo
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If it is not the original carb for the engine, that could be part of the problem...even if it mounts and works it could be jetted differently.
What does the spark plug look like?
The only parts you would get in a kit are gaskets, the fuel pump diaphragm and maybe needle and seat. There are no nozzles IIRC.

As geo posted, with the engine numbers you can find not only the correct carb but the correct kit #'s at least. That is an old carb but kits are likely still available.
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We've got three of these engines in the family, and all seem to have different carbs.

Unfortunately we're talking about a tractor from '84 or so- a bolens 1600. The engine isn't original to the tractor (Or so I was told when I bought it), the carb likely isn't original to the engine, and the shrouds haven't seen either in probably twenty years.

The plugs look great- for now. I had cleaned them up once the thaw was done with. Over last winter they got kind of black from it running poorly. I'm thinking the jets are clogged and the spray isn't a myst- not a problem in the summer heat, but the cold is coming.
Like I said, I was able to clean it a little bit which helped to bring it back to life- but before last summer it was a beast.
A few years back, this engine was the best running of all of them in the family. Started the easiest, and had the most oomph when it came to snow throwing.
The ethanol-rich gasoline (can't source ethanol free around these parts anymore) combined with the humid long summers where she doesn't get worked much (runs maybe twice a month tops, and not hard) has really taken a toll on it.

In the junk pile, I do have a carb that looks like it will bolt on- and kits are easy to find for it. The carb is very similar to what my brothers tractor (same engine) has on it- but his has never run as well as this one... so it's my feeling that this carb is the ideal one to keep using, if I can get new gaskets for it.
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Without the engine model type and code you are asking, How long is a rope? Have a good one. Geo
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The engine model is likely 42D707 or very close to it, being an 18hp. I'd type in that model number and the words "carbureotr kit" in the google search bar and browse through the images until you find a kit with the gaskets that match yours. Some had 3 screws holding the fuel pump on, some had 4. It should be easy to locate one that fits.


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