2 Cycle Leaf Blower Fuel Questions


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2 Cycle Leaf Blower Fuel Questions

I just bought a new Hitachi 2 Cycle Leaf Blower. Instructions specify 89 Octane gasoline and a 25:1 to 50:1 gasil mix. I have heard/read that Ethanol-free gasoline should be used. I don't think that Ethanol-free gasoline is available in my state, MA.
What's the best gas/oil mix ratio? What to do about no access to Ethanol-free gasoline?
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On the fuel ratio the best performance is with the 50:1, using a high grade brand name oil like Stihl or Echo. If you run it on a hot day, though using a 32:1 or in that range helps out with the lubrication. Gas expansion as well as the heat of the engine is a consideration in hot weather.

If you can't get the ethanol free gasoline at all, there are some premixes available or ethanol gas additives you can use. That stuff is usually available at small engine shops or auto parts stores.
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I run premium pump gas which usually contains methanol and Stihl HP Ultra oil in all my 2 stroke engines. I use the same 50:1 mix ratio regardless of what the tool recommends and have not had any trouble. Even really old engines that say they require 16:1 have done fine on the leaner mix HP Ultra synthetic oil.
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Thank You for all the info and suggestions.
I didn't realize that the premixed stuff was so readily available e.g. HD, Lowes, hardware stores. I bought a can of TrueFuel 50:1 92 octane at HD for about $6. Not inexpensive but will save the hassle of getting and mixing gas pump fuel, ethanol fixer additive, and oil.

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