15hp vtwin Kawasaki water cooled engine keeps stalling out on my LX178


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Exclamation 15hp vtwin Kawasaki water cooled engine keeps stalling out on my LX178

Hey guys.. first post on here, sorry if I don't supply all the right information (I read cheese's post about what to put, so hopefully I'll give you what you need to know.) Here's the situation:

I have a mid 90's LX178. Great little ride on, except for the last month or so. The tractor kept coughing out, and it got worse and worse.. and now it will only last a couple minutes before it coughs out. I adjusted the spark plug gaps, they were clean too. I have no reason to believe that there's a compression issue. I cleaned all the air filters up. So, I figured it was something wrong with the fuel system. The fuel lines were damaged a few years ago and have since been replaced.. the fuel filter is decent too. Anyways.. I noticed some wet spots on my heat shield or whatever it's called over my muffler. So, I took off the hood and the heat shield had lots of moisture. Couldn't see well enough to trace the exact source, so I took off the heat shield and fired it up. Gas was spewing from a small hole in the underside of my fuel pump. I assume it's an overflow hole of some sort. Anyways, pretty sure its coming out of there because the gaskety-flangey-plunger thing-a-ma-dootle (sorry, I'm not a mechanic.....) is worn out. I checked three local JD dealerships.. they all want over $200 for a new fuel pump. That's preposterous! I'm not about to throw away that kind of coin. I checked online and found some decent deals, but they keep saying that the manufacturer will not allow them to ship to Canada.. what is this crap?

So I decided that I would like to install an electric fuel pump. But I'd imagine it would need to be pretty low PSI. Has anyone does this? I talked to my neighbor, he was guessing 2-4PSI. Sound right? Maybe on the low end of that, I'm thinking? And I'm thinking if I do that, I should be able to seal the old hole by just putting the old pump back on and removing the push rod? Any ideas? I'm a pretty big noob with this kind of stuff. And I'm guessing I'm going to have to tie in to the ignition somewhere so that the pump isn't on all the time? Or maybe install it's own on/off switch? Any advice would be appreciated.. thanks!
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Hello, and welcome! Thank you for taking the time to post the pertinent info!

I have basically the same machine but with a hydro transmission (LX188) and have done the same thing. I used a low pressure fuel pump and used the power to the fuel shutoff solenoid to power it when the key is switched on only. You can even leave the pushrod in place with the old fuel pump, no problem.

That's a really good mower made at the peak of quality for John Deere and Kawasaki. Glad you're keeping it going. Even if it took a $200 pump to keep it going, that mower is worth it.
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Oh crap, just saw this. Thanks for the response. I mount the fuel pump and just manually hook the wire to the positive when I want to run the engine.. but that was a temporary fix. I'll tie it in now. Alright, I'll try and find the fuel shutoff solenoid and go from there

Oh, okay. Well, I already pulled the push rod, just so the old pump is literally doing nothing.

I paid almost $2000 for the old girl, so i need to get my money out of it haha

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