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Tiller's dead: no spark. Trying to get to points etc. but can't get the flywheel off after several rounds with Liquid Wrench and plenty of hammering. Yes, I'm using a puller. Tried adding heat, too. Oh...did I mention this Briggs engine was probably built 1967?

I can crank a bit more on the puller, but I'm not really interested in replacing a busted flywheel, so just how much can I crank on it? Might there be a jam nut under there where I can't see it?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Hello and Welcome Yukon to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum.

In my career I have only busted one flywheel that was extremely difficult to remove as you say this one is. Which means you'll have to run that risk.

However, if everything is correct, the flywheel should begin to ease upwards slightly which is an indication it's just firmly attached to the crankshaft and not bolted.

I have never encountered a flywheel attached with any more then a flywheel key, therefore I doubt the one your attempting to remove is attached any differently.

Try relocating the puller on the flywheel on the next removal attempt. Apply some puller pressure, then attempt to gently pry two alternate sides of the flywheel upwards using long shafted screw drivers. Do this gently and also tap on the center of the crankshaft.

If your successful, you'll be amazed with the feeling of "RELIEF" that will dam near overcome you when the flywheel does inch up or pop free of the crankshaft...

Good Luck,
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