Kohler running rough- strange symptom


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Kohler running rough- strange symptom

I have a Walker z-turn mower with a Kohler Command 25HP not sure of the year but about 2000. It is running rough, like only one cylinder was firing (it has two). So to check that theory, I disconnected spark plug wire on cylinder one, and it ran smoother. I then re-connected that wire and disconnected cylinder two spark plug wire, and it ran smoother. So disconnecting either spark plug wire makes it run smoother, although, of course with less power.

Why? Is this an effect of the spark control module going bad? It doesn't have points.
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If it has separate coils the kill would likely have a diode to keep the kill circuit from providing a cross firing of one coil to the other. The diode could be bad.
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I'd start with new spark plugs. When you say spark control module, I assume you mean the S.A.M.? I don't think I've ever had a SAM that was bad to give me symptoms to go on.
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When's the last time the carbs. have been rebuilt?
My 27 HP B&S was doing the same thing, replaced plugs, new fuel filter, added Sea Foam, no change.
Had the carb's rebuilt and it runs like new.
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Yes, I meant the Spark Advance Module.

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