Fair price


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Fair price

Hi All, what would be a fair price for 1: Ariens Classic 824 snow blower with electric start,well maintained,purchased directly from an Ariens dealer,not a Big Box store in 2003, also a Wheelhorse riding mower,13-38XL also well maintained approx year 1996,38" cut, new blades this season.
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It all depends on the area and the perceived need for a machine (snow blower) that old. My two cents worth? Arien's made great machines up to the late 1970's. Then the quality went down the drain. I would not buy an Arien's machine because of the name. Any Big Orange or Big Blue unit regardless of brand will be just as good. To day's typical Snow thrower is only good for 5 years. Then buy a new one. Buy cheap and buy new every 5 years. My opinion is $75 at the very best.
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WELL! ,I have used Ariens blowers since the mid '70s to present and have never had an issue with any of them.
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Check on Craig's list and see what people are asking under Farm and Garden heading.
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With selling stuff timeing is everything. I would wait until the snow starts to fly before selling the snow blower. Then when you get the first dump put it on craigslist. IMO Norm is low balling you.

There is one on CL in my area that is the same model as yours listed for $475 https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/a...813339990.html Really, if it runs and is in good shape I would think $300-400 is not out of line. Of course, you have to look at what eles is out there.

Now is not the time to be selling a riding mower. (again, timing) If you can hang onto it until next spring that would be the timw to sell it. Again, if it runs and is in good shape I would think $250 for a 38" cut.
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I have it on CL 475.00 and had a few calls, I have to sell both because I am moving,I agree timing is everything.
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I've found I have to practically give stuff away on Craigslist. I do better on Ebay. There's LetGo, too, but don't have any personal experience with them. I think it's free tho so you might want to give that a try.
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What I have noticed about Craig's List, at least in my area, is that asking prices are often close to the price of a brand new item and sometimes even higher. I have seen the exact same item (same seller) re-listed at a later date with a lower price. From this I deduce that there are a LOT of things listed on CL that don't sell or else sell for a fraction of their original asking price.

I find this to be especially true with tools. Why should I pay top dollar for a USED (no guarantee) Harbor Freight tool when I can buy it new for the same price or maybe just a couple of dollars more and get a guarantee?

I think the IRS has a good definition of "fair price" when they state it is what a willing buyer will pay to a willing seller when neither is pressured into making the transaction. If you MUST sell the snow blower and lawn tractor now then a "fair" price is whatever someone is willing to pay at this time. Being under a time restraint to sell most often means that you will have to take a lower price than you might otherwise receive.

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