Kohler starter issues


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Kohler starter issues

I have a 1995 Kohler engine (CH20S) with 1200 hours on it. It has been completely rebuilt, but it has always had a bad habit of the starter engaging on the first turn of the key, or taking SEVERAL turns of the key to engage. I replaced the solenoid on the tractor, but that made no difference. Do I have any options if I take the starter itself out as to curing this problem?
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Next time it does it, hold the key to start and rap the starter with the plastic handle of a screwdriver. Don't hit it with something hard because it will break the magnets inside. If that makes it start turning, then the problem is probably stuck or worn brushes. If not, check for power at the starter when this happens.
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kohler Starter

Thanks Cheese, I will have the plastic handle screw driver with me tomorrow.


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