Poulan Pro snowblower only goes backward

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Poulan Pro snowblower only goes backward

Hi everyone,

After a recent snow I started up our snowblower that's only a few years old and been used maybe 5 times total and everything works fine, auger throws snow fine, but no matter what gear I put it in it only goes backwards. Any forward speed I pick, it goes backwards when I press down the "go" lever.

It goes backwards fast too, kind of dangerously. Seems like the top forward speed but backwards.

I pulled on the cable that attaches from the gear lever to the engine to see if that was loose, since it seems kind of loose, and that didnt seem to fix anything.

Any ideas? I'm probably going to have to take the thing apart to look inside but was hoping to get some guidance.

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Almost sounds like the Drive Belt got twisted on its pulley, so everything is running in the exact opposite direction of what was intended by the equipment's designer.

Are you sure no one has been inside the Transmission housing, fiddling with the belts ?

Is that Poulan manufactured by MTD ?

You'll likely have to post the Model Number for someone else to diagnose the problem. I may have the same MTD unit branded under another name; but I've never encountered that issue you've described.
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You have a friction disc drive. The driven wheel is moved by your gear select lever. The gear select lever places the driven wheel on one side of center for forward speeds and the other side of center for reverse speeds. The further from center the driven wheel is placed, the faster the speed. Your gear select lever is not moving the driven wheel to the forward side of the friction disc. The clutch lever must be engaged before the gear select lever is moved. Either the clutch lever is not disengaging the driven wheel from the friction disc or the gear select lever is bound up somewhere. Follow the rods and linkages attached to the controls to find the problem area. Hope this helps.

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