Craftsman snowblower won't start


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Craftsman snowblower won't start

2 year old craftsman 2 stage 179cc OHV,
model 247.881721

won't start, not turning over, sounds like not firing at all. tried pull and electric start. put new plug in. it still has old fuel in it, i can't remember if i put stabilizer in it or not.

where would i spray starter fluid? i'm used to my B&S mowers, not sure where to start with this. trying to take the muffler cover off but one bolt is wedged down too close to other stuff and can't get it out. really don't want to take the whole thing abart to get this bolt out

any ideas? thank you!
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Normally you spray it in the carburetor throat. Dump out the old gas. If it has a fuel bowl, remove that and dump out the water/gas first, or drain it out the drain plug if it has one. If you can get it going, use some sea foam or other cleaner with the first tank of gas.
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On the back side of the primer bulb is a hose, follow that it will lead to and connect to the carb. Most of these are so buried on the blowers that they are not easily accessible. It is not likely to have a fuel valve either so (especially since storage instructions say to run engine until fuel is gone before storing), if fuel was left in it, the float should have the needle valve seated and it may well be stuck closed.
If you find the carb and can get to the bowl nut, remove it and drain and see if you have fuel flow.
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So we have had a mild winter / no snow but finally took advantage of the 65 degree weather and tried to work on the snowblower again. Got the cover off the thing finally and drained the fuel at bottom of tank. Fresh gas added. Found the throat / plastic channel to the carb intake down inside and after getting new can of starter fluid... finally got it to fire, but only stays running with repeated starter fluid sprays :-( It is firing at least... so must be a fuel flow problem I think.

Then removed the carb bowl and got continuous flow of gas down my arm, until I found pushing float up stopped flow. I should have just used the drain on the bowl because when I put the bowl back on, fuel was leaking :-( Do I have to replace a gasket since I took this off??? Leaked a lot when I tilted the snowblower back. I think I have the bowl back on and not leaking now, but it still won't run without starter fluid.

Other ideas? Thanks in advance again, nice to have a place like this for pointers and guidance since I apparently don't know what the heck I am doing!
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Carb. needs to come completely off, be cleaned with carb. cleaner and new gaskets.
To avoid having to go through this as often, use only non ethanol fuel, shut off the fuel and leave it running until it runs out, once in awhile add some Sea Foam to the fuel. End of the year run some Sta-Bul through it.
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Below is a link to a video on how to clean the carb on that engine. Have a good one. Geo

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