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Hello, The other day I tried to start my Clutch Drive McCulloch FR-48" Gas powered Trimmer. However, that thing won't kick in. I tried to adjust the idle speed to keep it smoothly running. However, it no success. It has the right fuel and oil mixture, etc. Therefore, is there any web sites or instruction forms that will help me to get this puppy back up and running in a smooth idle speed again?

Thanks for your help!
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Hello: willmckim

I am not clear on what you mean by "Kick In?"

If you mean the engine is running and the blades will not Kick In, then something is binding the blades or the clutch. In this case, check for an obstruction.

Might be the blades are rusted together? Bent? Etc.

If the engine isn't running <Kicking In?> then that's quite another problem. Kindly elaborate.

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Sorry about the wrong word description. I mean the egine does run fine. However, it doesn't keep a constent idle speed. Is there a way to adjust the idle speed to make it run smooth operation?? Thanks!
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I would say there's junk in the carb.

If turning the screws has no effect, then I would say the carb needs a cleaning and a servicing.

On many cars, when an adjustment doesn't do anything, either it's time for a carburetor rebuild, or the problem is elsewhere .

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