Ariens Rocket rototiller engine


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Ariens Rocket rototiller engine

I have an Ariens Rocket rototiller from 1976. The tiller works ok, but the engine is spent. The tiller originally came with a Tecumseh 8hp (HH80) engine with horizontal counter-rotating shafts. Tecumseh is out of business and rebuild kits are nonexistent. I donít need the dual shafts. I looked on the Briggs & Stratton website to find bolt patterns and other dimensions and non are listed. Engine brand doesnít really matter, but certain specs need to line up.

Anyone completed such an upgrade or have an engine website with specs?

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I have one of the old Garden Way Horse tillers that threw a rod, so I was faced with similar issue. A local power equipment repair place was able to find a Kohler kit made to fit one of their engines to the tiller. So if you have a local Ariens dealer that's been around for a while, might be worth asking them if they know of a suitable engine or kit.

The engine and kit cost me more than a new crappy tiller would have, but that horse is built like a ---well---a horse.
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Small Engine Warehouse has a re-power section. Link below. Have a good one. Geo

Home - Small Engine Warehouse
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I would do some serious diagnosis and then look for a set of rings and someone competent to grind and re-seat the valves. Plus whatever else is required because it's "spent" and needs to be re-awakened.

If it's still intact, and runs, and it doesn't knock, how spent could that be ?
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I have had very good luck with inexpensive import engines on low use machines.
If you use premium fuel and fuel stabilizer when storing you should get many years out of a tiller.
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There are parts still available, If it's just smoking and low compression issues, I'd put some rings/piston/rod/etc in it as needed. I'm not a tecumseh fan by any means but those engines were decent enough to warrant a rebuild when needed.
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Want to rebuild it there lots of sights with the parts to do it.
Want to replace it there's tons of them on Craig's List.
Contact Northern Tool and use there Chat funtion with the model and serial # and they can convert it over.
Not a big issue to drill two new holes to make a B & S motor work.
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Thanks for the replies. I'll check out some of the ideas. I prefer a new engine at it is simpler.
Per geogrubb, I found a replacement on

Carb is shot, but at one time I did find rebuild kits available. That was a few years ago. Engine itself has no power and burns oil.

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