1980s model Troybilt Pony Tiller with OHH50 Tecumseh motor


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1980s model Troybilt Pony Tiller with OHH50 Tecumseh motor

I had this thing running once and it ran good. I tried a couple of things to get it running. I believe my last attempt I put the gap too far apart on the ignition. I'm wondering if I would just be better off buying one of those motors from Harbor Freight for around $100 and slapping that on the tiller? Does anyone have any experience with swapping motors? Maybe I just don't know some easy thing that I am doing wrong?
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I am not the biggest fan of Tecumseh engines, but I don't why because I had excellent service from one on a Bolens lawn tractor that I had years ago and the one on my early '70's Ariens tiller continues to perform very well, so I know that you can get some distance out of them. So, like any engine, you need the basic ingredients, and ethanol fuel is probably the most common problem today. Does it have spark? I don't know, but never thought to voltage was quite as high on the Tecumseh's I had/have anyway, so would probably try this in a dimly lit area, but remove the spark plug, reattach the cable, lay it on the engine, pull the rope, and you should see a blue arc across the electrode. Also make sure that your air cleaner is clean and unobstructed. But more than likely you will find that it's a fuel problem, and the only right way to clean the carburetor of unwanted varnish, etc. is to disassemble and clean thoroughly, not just spraying something into the throat. Then, before trying it again, drain the tank completely and add new fuel, preferably non-ethanol. That's what I do before trying to come up with a replacement.
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You may want to check out this recent thread along the same lines:

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I believe my trouble was I never got spark. I may have just not seen it. I am thinking I did something wrong installing the ignition or something else is bad besides the ignition box.
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Set the ignition gap with a new business card. Put a spoonful of fresh fuel in the spark plug hole and see if it will try to start. Have a good one. Geo
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troy built chipper/vac tecumseh 5 hp h50 65582T engine options

how did it work out for you

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