Stihl 026 troubleshooting


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Stihl 026 troubleshooting


First let me say that this is my own darn fault. I was cutting a tree and failed to notice the old synthetic twine around it, threads of which fouled the chain, bar, and sprocket. The saw bogged and I shut it down.

I've broken the saw down and cleaned it up (the bar sprocket is frozen, sadly), the chain sprocket spins freely, but for reasons I don't understand the flywheel is locked, with only minimal back and forth movement. The motor won't turn over via cord. Removing the plug makes no difference. I don't *think* it ingested the twine strands beyond the chain sprocket but I guess anything is possible.

Before I pull the flywheel and start to get deep in this thing, can anyone suggest other steps I might be missing. Serves me right fouling a perfectly good saw. I appreciate any input.

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Take the drive sprocket/drum off. It sounds like you may have some twine lodged behind it.

You'll have to turn the clutch drive reverse the engine rotation to get it off.
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Did you release the automatic chain brake?
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Hi, yes chainbrake is released.

I took it down through the clutch to the oiler, and found a little more of the twine and cleaned it out. It looks clean beyond it, no twine that I can see in the oiler. Still no movement in the flywheel beyond an eighth turn back and forth.
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I'm wondering if the twine was just coincidental. There isn't any reason to remove the flywheel side... Maybe remove the muffler and look in at the cylinder and see if it's scored.

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