14" chain saw--gas and oil specs?


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When using a small chain saw, what type of oil should be used? My chain saw has a gas tank and a seperate oil tank. Do I just put gas in the gas tank or do I use an oil gas mixture? What about the oil...should I use two cycle?
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Hello: shay

The engine needs an oil fuel mixture per the owners manual instructions. Use any brand 2 cycle oil and closely follow the mixture ratios recommended. The fuel oil mixture goes into the saws fuel tank.

The other oil tank is for bar and chain lube. In this tank you should use any brand of bar and chain oil. Do not use ordinary motor oil. It does not have enough stickiness to adhere to the bar and chain.

The bar and chain oil tank may also have a manual pump and well as an automatic oilling system. Use both. Failure to adequately lube the bar and chain will drastically increase the wear rate. Overheat the bar and chain which will also cause the chain to stretch and sag away from the bar excessively.

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one more thing with that saw. keep the chain tight, you should only be able to pull it up about 3/4 of an inch with your fingers (pinching it). too tight or too loose chews up the bar,wears out the chain and is absolutley no good for the saw. oh yeah... buy a set of chainsaw chaps. they are great for keeping you warm, kneeling down on rough ground, they keep you a little dryer in the rain, keep the thorns off you, and most importantly they stop a chain!
good luck
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