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Kawasaki FR600V Engine Oil Change - Oil Plug

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04-20-17, 05:00 PM   #1  
Kawasaki FR600V Engine Oil Change - Oil Plug

Have a Husqvarna YT42LS with a Kawasaki 18hp FR600V engine. First couple years had the dealer change oil and do the tune up. This year going to do on my own which I have done some before on other mowers. All other mowers I have done had a drain plug, this one don't look like a plug more like a faucet set up. I was given a drain hose with the mower which is about 1/2" diameter by 10".
My manual just states remove drain plug and nothing online when you google shows the same set up.
See attached picture, any help would be appreciated. From what I am guessing you turn the front or side to release.


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04-20-17, 05:03 PM   #2  
Put your piece of hose on the nipple on the left side. Then use a wrench to loosen the hex on the end. That opens a valve and the oil will flow out the side pipe and into your hose.

A drain plug would simply dump oil all over the frame. The valve and hose allows you to direct the oil to a container without draining it all over the frame that is right below the engine.

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04-20-17, 05:36 PM   #3  
First CLEAN the area, start with compressed air then wipe down with rags or paper towels. There might be a hole to pass the hose through in the deck plate. If not, then route over the side into a container.
Other than that Pilot is on the mark, however, make sure the valve does not rotate when you back out the petcock.
I am sure since this is Kawasaki , and I can see the drip lip under the oil filter, there is most likely a path with a hole for it to drain to the floor.

You can also hit the area lightly with a pressure washer, or use a mix of dawn dish soap, let it soak then use a garden hose.

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04-21-17, 06:33 AM   #4  
Make sure the engine is allowed to run a while to warm up the oil before draining, I also remove the dipstick so it does not form a vacuum and slow down the flow.

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04-21-17, 10:37 AM   #5  
I have a Huskvarna Z242F with a Kawasaki FX651V and mine has a hose attached, no valve like you have so it could be all different.

Does the hose you have look like this...

Name:  OIL HOSE 2.jpg
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Size:  38.7 KB

My first Kawasaki engine so I could be crazy.

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04-21-17, 11:30 AM   #6  
Baldwin you have a better application IMO, there should be a pipe plug in the end of your hose and runs through the deck plate.
The OP should have a 1/2" teflon tube that would have came with his owners manual and warranty info that slips over the nipple in his photo, then the petcock is screwed out to drain.

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10-15-17, 01:52 PM   #7  
Mine is broken...

and I'm left with a hole at the base of the engine. I know it's M20-2.5 but does anyone know how I can fix this? Either a new 'quick' drain or some Rube Goldberg way? That thread is hard to find. There is no clearance to add a new original Kawasaki part to it.....Thanks.

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10-15-17, 07:21 PM   #8  
Google kawasaki drain tube and check out which ones will suit your needs. You'll find some that fit your threads.

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