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I am not sure exactly where to ask this question, but: I have an 18hp Sears riding mower with a 46" deck, and three blades. These cost something like $20 apiece thru Sears. I have searched on the internet, but am unable to find anyone who stocks these blades. Anyone know where I can go to buy cheaper blades? There must be companies out there who sell replacement blades for Sears tractors.
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Hello: cziembo

The sharpening forum has the answer to this question. However, since I also moderate that forum, I can answer your question with a question...why buy new ones?

The current blades can be removed and sharpened. Any lawn mower shop or sharpening shop, hardware store with this service, can resharpen the blades good as new for a quarter of the costs of new replacements.

Visit my other sharpening forum for methods to sharpen the blades yourself if you prefer to and have a belt sander. The topic was recently covered in depth.

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I use two tractors to cut some 10 acres of grass. much of the ground is sand. thus, the blades really get eaten away within a couple of months or so. I do sharpen my mower blades as needed, but a set will not last a full season of cutting. It seems that the blades on my sears tractor wear out sooner than the cheap ones I get at ACO, etc. for my 40" cut Huskee. I pay about 4-5 dollars for these, as opposed to what sears wants for their blades. that's why someone, somewhere must have realised a market exists and sells replacement blades cheaper than sears. my three blades are the star-hole and are high lift. I have checked some places out on the web, but no one seems to carry these blades. I am looking for replacements for sears #71 917 159705. I have never been able to buy them at any local sears store--only by ordering from sears, and last year I paid $55.18 for three of them!! This is far, far too expensive.
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Hello: cziembo

Okay...I got your message.

Try one of these parts suppliers:

Billious: 1-800-245-5468

LSThorpe.Co.: 1-617-776-2445
Orders only number:1-800-457-8467

Hope this helps you.
I am not aware of any other suppliers willing to sell retail nor can I offer you another source for what may be a Sears only part.

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I've recently had excellent service, and GREAT prices, on replacement blades for my Sears 917.274400 Lawn Tractor (they are star-hole and high-lift as well). wanted 16.99 each for them, and I purchased them online for 5.99 each plus about 8.00 S&H. The blades shipped out the next day via UPS and I couldn't be happier. They list over 30,000 part numbers to search for online. Visit and I'm sure you can find your parts.
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Thanks Doc for the info. But that post is 5 years old.

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