Hotsy pressure washer wand


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Hotsy pressure washer wand

I just got a used Hotsy hot water pressure washer from a guy,is all supposed to work.He replaced it with a newer model with a trigger on the wand.This one has no trigger on the wand which means to stop the flow of water you have to run to the machine and shut the pump off.I thought this rather odd.Is there any reason I could not get a wand with a trigger and use it like a normal washer? Is this Hotsy designed to have no trigger or is my buddy mistaken? I would just like to put a wand with a trigger on it and be done with it.
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Post the model number so we can see which unit you have.
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hotsy pressure washer

Well I can't find a model # on the machine,but I did find out the pump does not like to be dead-headed,stalls the electric motor and flips the breaker.I also learned that the pump is shot.Must have frozen with water in it.So my question now is can I upgrade my pump with one that will allow for use of a trigger style wand?
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If I'm thinking right, yours probably doesn't have an unloader valve. Unloader valves are the traffic directors of your pump and pressure regulator. They serve to direct the flow of water in a pressure washer system. When water stops flowing from the nozzle of a spray gun, the unloader valve redirects it for a safe pressure outlet. When the cleaner is in “bypass mode,” water that is not released by the spray gun is diverted back to the inlet side of the pressure pump. It then circulates through the pump and back to the inlet side of the unloader valve. Water is once again either released via the spray gun, or redirected to the pump.

If this is a quality machine, it might be worth getting a replacement pump with an unloader. First thing I'd do is contact the manufacturer or find a servicing dealer. That would probably save you a lot of hassle.

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