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i have an MTD 14 hp (b&S) riding mower...the mower had been sitting around for a while..however is almost like new in that is only a few yrs old and has probably only been used about 4 times......two problems....originally couldn't get it to start (no fuel in carb and what fuel was in the tank was puttting gas directly into carb and continually cranking it..eventually got it started and running)...then one day all the gas had disappeared from the tank...somehow it was running thru the carb and out (this is while machine setting/parked)...put more gas in it..and then tried start...(with air cleaner off) this point it was throwing the fuel right up out of the top of the carb.....took the carb off and had it rebuilt......

got the carb back..put it on...still doing the same have another problem --- can not get the engine to crank over long enough to get it started...the starter will engage..and turn it over perhaps a half a revolution..can keep turning key to start and nothing...then every so often..will turn 1/2 a rev again.....have taken the starter off...and applied voltage to it from my car battery...spins like crazy...(would seem to be ok..but obviously there is no load on it).......

the good news is..the carb appears to have quit throwing gas out..and fuel has stayed in the tank..(not run out thru carb)......

have recently replaced ignition switch...selonoid by battery...and the battery is new..appears to be fully charged...(hydrometer shows 4 balls floating in all cells except one..which shows 3)....

any ideas...hate to spend $100 for a starter if that ain't it.....any ideas what to check would be greatly appreciated....thank you
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Hello: not2handy

I suggest you have the battery load tested. Do not trust the hydrometer test. The battery may show a full charge without any load on it but as soon as one is applied, the battery will show <DOA> dead.

A battery load test will show the actual results and battery condition. Almost any auto parts store, lawn mower shop etc. can perform the test.

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