Can I use a larger deck than 42" on a Husky 1542xp?

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Can I use a larger deck than 42" on a Husky 1542xp?

I believe this rider is a dyt4000 clone, and since they came with numerous size decks, I'm curious if a 48-54 inch deck would mount.

The engine I have is a Kawasaki FH430V 15 HP twin. I understand a higher horsepower motor is favorable for the larger decks but I'm just wondering what would mount up as a direct swap or with little modification .
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I don't know about your particular mower but my son has a 42" cut craftsman with a rotted out deck and then the mandrels [?] broke. He got an older craftsman with a 40" [?] deck thinking he could interchange the two but it wouldn't even come close to bolting up. He wound up buying a zero turn.
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I have tried to help a few friends and neighbors with similar situations over the years, and have a pretty well equipped shop, as well as a local dealer who deals in quite a bit of used equipment and has allowed me access to some of it on several occasions, but have pretty much resolved myself to the fact that the decks are predominantly proprietary to the lawn tractors they originally came on. Even if they're real close, it always seems like you end up that one last part away. The last one I tried, for example, for a local pastor, I did figure out how to attach the brand X deck to the brand Y tractor, would have simply required fabricating a couple of brackets. But the clincher was, and I can't remember exactly now, something to do with the engine pulley needing to be 3" longer, or something like that. I have a lathe and access to a mill, and actually thought about it for two minutes, but stopped when I thought about how much time and money I was going to spend coming up with a blank piece of stock large enough, setting up and turning the pulley one the lathe, then setting up and cutting the keyway. Sure, it could have been done, but the tractor itself already had many hours on it, so it simply didn't add up. The only thing you can do is try to find the deck you want, then take a lot of careful measurements. But do plan on some custom work.
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I have done deck swaps and I only did it because I have a machine shop so I'm able to fabricate or modify anything that was needed. It's amazing even with the right tools and materials how much time Macgyvering a mower deck can take.

Even if you found a deck to fit I would not go up in size. 54" is an awful lot of cut with just 15 hp.

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