Cub Cadet 2135 HD (1996) Kohler 12.5 hp OHV engine leaking oil - front center

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Cub Cadet 2135 HD (1996) Kohler 12.5 hp OHV engine leaking oil - front center

Hi everyone,
After mowing last night I put my Cub inside and noticed a bit of oil on the concrete where I stopped the tractor prior to driving it into garage - about a couple of thimble-fulls spread out in 2 distinct locations, close to each otheer. I checked the area around the oil filter and oil drain plug and found no oil leaking. I put a piece of cardboard underneath and on checking later found 2 separate locations where oil had continued to drip for a short while after I parked it. Oil stain location on the cardboard was about dead center below/behind where the PTO assembly is and another small amount to the left of that (opposite the oil filter/drain plug on this tractor). There didn't appear to be any continuous oil drops from the point where I had parked the tractor before driving into the garage.

I checked the oil as well and found it low but still on the dip stick in the safe zone; engine was running fine up to the point I parked and turned if Off.

I wasn't able to look at it last night but I'm now suspecting the Front Engine Seal is leaking and was hoping to get some advice from the DIY Pros here.

1. If it is a front engine seal, is this something a DIY'er would want to try?
2. What is the estimated cost for the parts needed and should any other repair parts be included for replacing when the front engine seal is replaced?
3. Do the parts for this come as some part of seal replacement repair kit?
4. Any special tools needed for this job?
5. About how much would this job cost to have a Cub Repair shop do it?

Thanks for your help,
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First thing you want to determine is just where the leak is coming from. Oil and fuel leaks can be extremely difficult to pin point given the nature of the fluids and the fact of the air flow over and around the engine while running. It may well be a leak that has been there for sometime and is just now accumulating in an area that is now full and running over.
Look the engine over and try to determine where the most buildup is, then thoroughly clean the engine. Then run the engine, perhaps even use it and check for new signs of a leak.

Had a grasshopper come in last week with a kohler on it claiming he thought the main front seal was leaking. I cleaned it up, ran it watched, ran it watched...for a few days and never did see a leak. Finally determined that since I found the dipstick not completely seated, the the tube ran next to the PTO down to the frame, that most likely the dipstick was left not seated for a period of time until the oil ran down and accumulated under the frame then started dripping.

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