2 stroke mixture in 4 stroke


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2 stroke mixture in 4 stroke

I took my Honda 4 stroke mower (2 years old) to a small independent repair show for annual service this year on advice of a friend. This guy proceeded to tell me that 1) he hates Honda engines; 2) Fuel stabilizer ruins engines; and 3) he uses small individual packets of 2 stroke oil in all gas he uses for all small engines (2 and 4 stroke) and he sells this stuff and he recommends using this mixture and filling weedeater (2 stroke) and lawnmower (4 stroke) with same mix consistently for longer engine life (and toss the fuel stabilizer. ANYONE - any comments on this scheme?
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WOW! I don't know where to begin with this an occasional tank of 2 stroke in a 4 stroke shouldn't hurt anything. But I would never use it all the time!! Least of all in a Honda! Using 2 stroke in a 4 stroke will cause carbon build up on the rings in the cylinder and valves!
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Never trust anyone who says they hate Honda engines, lol!

Like aj-allen says, it won't hurt but it's not needed and might not have any long term benefit. Honda engines are among the very best and that's not just opinion. Stabilizer does not ruin engines.
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I always have left over mixed 2 cycle gas at the end of the summer, and for some reason, gas that I mix by the gallon, seems to evaporate faster than I think it should, despite being stored in a sealed 1 gallon container.

So, because I think it has lost its proper concentration, I dispose of it in my snowblower (a 4 stroke), adding it at the rate of 8-10 ounces per tankful (≈ 1 gallon) over the winter; and then I'm ready to mix up fresh stuff the next spring.

Snowblower hardly knows that it's being fed leftovers; no smoking and no huffing or puffing !
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Thank you for your responses. Your answers are right in line with what I thought, but I also thought, geez, maybe I missed something. I think I will find a new service shop -- hehe.

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