Kohler twin cylinder mower just quit


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Kohler twin cylinder mower just quit

It has gas...

'Happened a couple of times before. Eventually re-starts, like the next day.

8-10 years old. I suspect the coils(s). How do I check? SV715 22hp.
Or should I look in another direction?

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Could be the coils, check for spark when it dies. Pull the spark plugs when it won't start, connect them to the plug wires, make sure the spark plug end is touching metal on the engine or frame, and crank it while watching for small blue sparks at the electrode.
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So I head out to the garage the next day, thinking I would be checking for spark. No - it started right up, and I finished the mowing job I started the day before.

There's nothing I can check when it's running right. I guess I'll wait 'til it dies again. And it will...
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My Toro mower has a 20 H.P. Kohler Command, and I replaced both coils on it last fall, but it took a bit to make sure before I did it. In my case, the engine did not die, but bogged down a bit after maybe a half hour to an hour of mowing, and I found that if I simply stopped and disengaged the blades to take the load off of it, and idled it down about a minute, I could throttle up, re-engage the blades, and be good for another half hour to an hour. I also found that I could mimic the problem by disengaging one of the spark plugs and engaging the blades, so was pretty sure that it was a coil. The problem though as it turned out was that the culprit was the coil for the rear cylinder, which is tight getting to, so I couldn't get the plug wire off to check for spark in time before everything cooled down enough that it was working again. What I finally did was carried my non-contact small engine tachometer on the mower, and was able to reach in with that to confirm no spark at that plug when it bogged down. My point is that your cool down time on the coil may not necessarily be as long as overnight, so you may need to be fairly quick at checking for spark when it shuts down. And I don't know if you have one or two coils, but if two, and if it's as tough to get to as mine, I suggest replacing both while you're in there. On the other hand, not all engines are that bad to get to.
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There's nothing I can check when it's running right. I guess I'll wait 'til it dies again. And it will...
Correct! Hard to fix what ain't broke and there is no POSITIVE test for a coil unless it tests bad then it is good to ASSUME it is the problem.
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I have similar problem and its consistent with other articles that I have been reading.

Mine will start missing after 30 minutes, last for about 10 seconds, then run ok and may or may not repeat.

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