Riding Mower Carb/Fuel Problems


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I recently purchased a used 1990 MTD riding mower (Briggs & Stratton 12hp engine). It starts fine cold, but as it heats up, it runs rough, then dies. It's hard to restart after that (cranks, but just doesn't start right away-after about 5 tries it runs, but rough). It seems to be a carb problem (the carb gets fuel, but the engine doesn't stay running). There are adjustment screws on the carb (mixture, idle, etc.) I just don't know which is which. The choke works fine (manual cable operated). When it is cold, it runs like a champ, but after heating up (about 10 min., it's useless). I've searched the web for carb info (diagrams, etc., to no avail).
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Briggs and Stratton will send you the exploded view of your engine (parts manual) as well as owner's manual, or you can download it from their site. I have done this for B&S equipped machines I have. They didn't charge me for mine when I requested it. Their site tells you where to find the model # and what codes they need to send you the literature you want.

http://www.briggsandstratton.com is the URL as I recall.
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I should also mention they have an excellent tech support group there too. They usually give pretty detailed answers to your questions in a few days.
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Try running it with the gas cap off, perhaps a clogged vent? I have seen this before on some small engines.
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I called Briggs & Stratton, and they do not have the owner's service manual online (according to them, it is too old (over 10 years), so I had to pay for the info to be sent ($10.00). Anyway, thanks for the help.

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Did you try their download section? They will usually send it for free when they are prodded a bit!!!

I hate to see people pay for stuff like that, they should just have it available.

Since they charged ya ten bucks, make sure you use their free technical service online!


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