JD L110 Kohler Command 17.5 Issue


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JD L110 Kohler Command 17.5 Issue

13 yr old lawn tractor, single cylinder Kohler Command 17.5. My issue began as a starting issue - when turning the key would only get the solenoid click 4-5 times before the starter would finally begin to spin. I rebuilt the starter and replaced the solenoid and spark plug - no change. Yesterday I was mowing and the mower began to bog down after approx. 45 mins, I put the throttle to choke and it revved back up before dying completely. Letting it sit a while, still had the starting issue but got it started before a repeat of the bogging issue <5 mins later. Limped it back to the garage and that is where it sits.

Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks for the help!
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The two issues could be related. First issue is the poor starting. To eliminate the battery, remove the battery cables and attach them to a known good battery. If no starting problem, the battery needs replacing or the charging circuit is faulty. Have the battery checked at an auto parts store. If the battery is good, check for 13-14 vdc at the battery with the motor running. If less than 13vdc the stator or rectifier could be the problem. If starting problem doesn’t change when attached to a good battery, remove and clean all electrical connections in the starting circuit. Hopefully this corrects the issue.
The second issue is the mower bogging down. If there is a battery problem, there is a low probability the electronic ignition is firing late due to timing based on voltage level. A functioning electrical system will fix this issue. Another cause could be a dull blade or excessive ground speed. Fixing these issues is obvious. Good luck.
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Thanks beelzebob. I should mention that the battery is always on a trickle charger when the mower is not in use and the battery dying has not been an issue at all when going through all the starting trouble.
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Sounds like bad connections at the battery cables, possibly at the frame ground.
The running issue may be trash or water in the carb.

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